Stag Glass Bottle Stopper

Stag Glass Bottle Stopper


This stylish stag bottle stopper is a truly unique gift, and would make a stylish addition to any dinner table.

  • Details

    This stunning coloured glass bottle stopper is moulded into the shape of a proud stag head making it the perfect gift for anyone with a love of stags - or love of Scotland!

    The rubber stopper fits easily into any wine bottle and ensures no air gets in or bubbles out making your unfinished tipple last longer!

    This stunning bottle stopper comes gift boxed which would make it a wonderful gift for a wedding, birthday, anniversary or even as a little minding when popping round to a friends for drinks.  

    Dimensions: 13cm(L) x 4cm(W)

    Material: Stainless steel and glass
    Product care: Hand wash

    Gift boxed Hand crafted